Fabrication Services

At McNeilus Steel, we’re proud to be your supply chain partner. With our selection of fabrication services, we can customize any project to your exact specifications. Our fabrication experts work with you to understand your needs and find the perfect solution.

Our Capabilities

Flat Laser Cutting

McNeilus Steel utilizes fiber and CO2 lasers for the most efficient and precise laser cutting in the industry. With high flexibility and productivity, our fiber and CO2 lasers can cut your parts from a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. From carbon steel to stainless steel to aluminum, you can expect the same superior cutting performance across all material types.


  • 4,000-10,000 watt capacity
  • Table size range – 5’ x 10’ to 14’ x 55’
  • Thickness capability – 24ga to 1”

Plasma & Oxy-fuel Cutting

Our plasma and oxy-fuel cutting tables are great for projects that require high throughput and repeatability. The large capacity capabilities and ability to cut clean, smooth edges enables us to meet production requirements.


  • 80-400 amp capacity
  • Table size range – 10’ x 25’ to 20’ x 48’
  • Thickness capacity
    • Plasma – up to 3”
    • Oxy-Fuel – Up to 6”

Tube & Structural Laser Cutting

When it comes to 3D laser cutting, look no further than our tube and structural laser cutting capabilities. The tube and structural lasers can cut from any angle and consolidate multiple operations, eliminating the need for rework. We can process a number of structural profiles, including square, round and rectangular tube, pipe, beams, channel, and angle. To improve processing speeds, our structural lasers automatically load, feed, laser cut, tap laser cut holes and unload parts. The fast cutting and part processing capabilities make tube and structural laser cutting a cost-effective solution for any project.


  • 3,400-4,500 watt capacity
  • 24” OD max for round tube
  • 15.75” OD max for square tube
  • 8” OD max for structural
  • Material handling – 49’ max length
  • Thickness capability – up to 0.750”


We are able to offer superior forming performance by relying on multiple brake presses of various sizes and capabilities. Each press brake is equipped with several tooling options to offer flexibility for the types of bending you require. Utilizing the latest in forming technology, you can expect high repeatable accuracy from each forming application. Whether you’re looking for small, intricate forming or large, robust forming, you can count on us to deliver each part to your exact specifications.


  • 1,100 ton max capacity
  • 26’ 8” max bend length
  • CNC control with advanced gauging
  • Multiple tooling options
  • Integration with cutting and bending process


Whether you’re looking to remove surface contaminants such as rust and mill scale, or you need to clean and prep your parts for primer and paint, our blasting capabilities will meet any surface requirement. Our shot blasters are able to blast both plates and many structural profiles, including angles, channels, tubes & beams.


  • Maximum width – 98”
  • Maximum length – 480”
  • Maximum height – 18”
  • Products – Plate, tubing, bars & structurals

CNC Machining

Our high-speed, high-performance CNC machining centers are a cost-effective solution to your part production. Each machining center has a wide variety of tooling options, allowing us to offer complete processing for your fabricated parts.


  • Capacity – 4,000 lbs
  • Tools – 30 station automatic tool changer
  • Table Size – 50” x 26”


At McNeilus Steel, our rolling equipment offers precise and versatile rolling capabilities. Whether it is cone segments, cylinders, cylinder segments, rings or round shapes, we can provide parts with superior rolling quality.


  • ¾” A36 x 8’ long
  • ½” Gr80 x 8’ long

Tube Bending

We recently added tube bending to our fabrication portfolio to offer more forming solutions for our customers. This machine provides us with the capability to bend common tube sizes for a variety of applications.


  • Max. Tube Size – Steel: 2″ x .079″, Aluminum: 2″ x 0.156″, Stainless: 2″ x 0.059″
  • Bending Radius Max. – 6.50″
  • Feed Speed – X Axis – 78.74″ / sec.
  • Bend Speed – Y Axis – 150 degrees / sec.
  • Accuracy – X (Feed) +/-0.002″, Y (Rotation) +/-0.05 degrees, Z (Bend) +/-0.05 degrees

Robotic Beveling

Our Motoman robotic arm is equipped with a 260 amp hi-def plasma, offering straight and radius beveling capabilities.


  • Part capacity – 4’ wide x 8’ long without repositioning
  • Programmable for repeatability


Take all internal stresses out of your laser-cut and plasma-cut parts by utilizing our part flattener. This is a simple and rapid process, taking only seconds to precisely flatten each part. Incorporating this process eliminates the need for reworking and makes subsequent processes like welding and bending faster and more consistent, speeding up your production.


  • Max. flattening width – 78.74”
  • Min. part length – 6.29”
  • Max. Flattening thickness – up to 0.75”


Our wide range of sawing equipment allows us to offer versatility in our cutting capacities. Whether you are looking for a single cut or production volumes, mitre or straight cut, we can provide you with precision saw cuts every time. The automated material handling systems increases cutting accuracy and efficiency of any type of structural profile.


  • Band Sawing
    • CNC controlled sawing
    • Standard length tolerance +/-0.060” for straight cut, +/-0.060 for mitre cut
    • Material handling automation
    • Mill bundle capacity
  • Cold Sawing
    • Precision & vibration free cutting
    • 5/8” – 9” round (bar & tube)
    • 5/8” – 6-1/4” square (bar & tube)


For smaller part requirements, we can shear sheets to your desired size and shape. Our shears are highly efficient and accurate, ensuring you get the exact part size you need.


  • Sheet size – Up to 6’ x 12’
  • A36 – Up to 0.75” thick
  • Gr 50, Gr 80, Stainless & AR200 – Up to 0.625” thick

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