Value-Added Services

At McNeilus Steel, you will find our value-added services are second to none. From packaging your products to your exact specifications, to real-time process tracking, to timely deliveries utilizing our fleet of over 190 semi-trucks, we are here to deliver your products in a way that best fits your supply chain requirements.

Our Capabilities


Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is a great way to streamline your ordering, invoicing, and other documentation processes. Check out the types of routine documents that can be transmitted via this computer-to-computer exchange.

  • POs
  • Invoices
  • Advanced Ship Notices
  • Mill Certs
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgements
  • Product Activity/Forecasting

Here are the four major benefits to utilizing EDI:

  • Speed – Little to no delay in transmissions
  • Accuracy – Reduced errors because the data is not being re-keyed
  • Simplicity – EDI standards specify how data will be formatted and where it can be found
  • Security – Less likely to lose information, not subject to viruses and accessed only by authorized users

By implementing EDI, you will see the following results:

  • Faster buy/sell cycle time
  • Faster cash flow
  • Reduced order lead time
  • Reduced inventories
  • Ability to conduct just-in-time manufacturing
  • Improved trading partner relationships


Our barcoding system is an added benefit to EDI and traceability. Every product and shipping tag has a unique bar code that is linked via EDI to provide real-time tracking of your products. We also incorporate bar coding to help track processing, CMTRs, BOLs and invoices.


Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI, is a great inventory management tool that can be used to enhance your purchasing experience. We can incorporate VMI to assist you with a Just in Time inventory model to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and save you money!


Let us help you streamline your productions by delivering your parts in production-ready kits. Our barcoding system allows for real-time tracking of each process and part that goes into your kit. The barcoding is also incorporated on shipping tags, CMTRs, BOLs, and invoices to track your parts throughout the supply chain. Whether you need one item bundled in specific quantities or several parts packaged in ready-to-assemble kits, we are here to add value to each package.

Charpy Impact Testing

Charpy Impact testing is a standardized high strain-rate test used to determine material toughness and the amount of energy absorbed by a material sample during fracture. This test also helps determine if a metal can be classified as brittle or ductile.

At McNeilus Steel, we offer full-service, in-house Charpy testing for sheet and plate items, as well as all structural profiles.


  • Full Charpy testing capabilities up to 406J (300 ft•lbf)
  • Testing Temperature: -60C <
  • Optical Comparator to magnify silhouettes of small parts

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