Coil Processing

Our stretcher leveling technology provides the flattest, most stress-free product available in the market today. We utilize four stretcher levelers made by industry leader, Red Bud Industries, to keep our warehouses stocked with multiple leveled coil products. The stretcher leveling process stretches the entire cross section of the strip (width & thickness) without the use of bending or compressive forces. This process creates a quality product in which all stresses are equalized, resulting in flat material that stays flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations. After coils are leveled, we perform in-house tensile testing per ASTM requirements. For more information on the benefits of stretcher leveling, please visit

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Coil Processing Capabilities

Stretcher Leveling Capabilities

0.625”0.500”0.375”Max LengthCoil WidthGauges
45,000 psi yield75,000 psi yield100,000 psi yieldUnlimited12" - 72"0.625” - 0.029”

Multi-Blanking Capabilities

Blanking/Slitting Thru Edge Trim up toLength Tolerance Width Tolerance Squareness Tolerance
0.135”0.188”+/-0.010”+/-0.005” on cut edge+/-0.015”

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